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Wait – what happened?!

It feels like hubby just snapped this picture last week and now everyone is big and [very] busy!

This is one of my most cherished memories~ we were juggling home school group, t-ball practice, Awanas at 7,  but first  [squeeze in] dinnertime! (911 mostaccoli- 1 defrosted already cooked ground meat, 1 jar Ragu spaghetti sauce, and 1 quickly boiled pound of pasta.) Phew!- we made it!

Hello, my name is Jennifer~ I love to make simple, delicious and healthy meals for my family (that do not require me to ‘slave all day over a hot stove’.) I also have a passion for history.  Come on in and let’s learn how our ancestors made it through tough times without modern technology.  They still managed to feed, clothe, and provide for their families- that intrigues me.  My mother would  always bring up a story about stone soup. I get it, work with what you have and everybody pitches in. My Grandmother would always pipe in to that story, “just add a pinch of salt!” I’m not sure if she was health conscious or just trying to make it taste better.

Personally, I couldn’t function without a plan.  I share my menus and new creations on here too. If you have a simple and yummy  recipe that you’d like to share, send it to Chef1@countryfolks.net.

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Keep in touch~ Jenn

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